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Bath & Body Works Candles

Bath & Body Works Candles

I feel like a sell out when I love something so commercial.  That’s what “problematic favorite” means – but this blog is called the Basic White Girl for a reason!  I LOVE Bath & Body Works candles (by White Barn Co.)… plenty of time and money has been sunk into changing this but I have to accept myself for what I am:  3-wick candle hoarding basic white girl that waits for the Semi-Annual sales like little kids wait for Christmas.

I’ve spent SO MUCH MONEY on Etsy searching for a candle that could deliver.  Sometimes, I still peruse the candles there and the reviews – and if you’re reading this and want to try to convert me I am SO WILLING.  Please help!!!

Here’s the what the fuck of it all:

  1.  They have my favorite scents of all time ever.  Peach Bellini is just delightful.  Currently, it being September, I have an Autumn Woods going full force.
  2.  They fit with my home’s aesthetic – trendy and pretty.  Plus, there are MANY uses for your empty candles – just search “reuse Bath and Body Works candle” for a plethora of ideas.
  3. 40 hours of burn time doesn’t seem like much.  But you don’t NEED much – my little home is about 800 square feet on the first floor, same on the second floor.  One 3-wick candle (YES JUST ONE OMG)… fills the entire place with the hint of Fall.  Or the beach.  Or fresh laundry.
  4. Dog owners rejoice: this candle is effective enough to cover up the dog related antics of my pug & my boston terrier.
  5. Don’t pay full price for these – wait for a sale!  Right now, there’s a pancake scent on sale for $10.  (I can’t indulge there, I hate food-smelling candles… people might begin to think I actually cook.  Can’t have that now can we?!)  I stocked up on Peach Bellini 3-wicks a few months ago when they came around for $12.95 each.  No matter who you’re comparing to – Yankee Candle, jewelry candles, Etsy candles – for 14.5 ounces that’s a good deal.
  6. Whew finally something negative: the “high intensity” candle is no different from the original.  Either that or my house just has a max level of smelling amazing and just can’t handle any more.

Bath and Body Works Candles


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