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September 4, 2017
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Contouring has existed since drag queens.  (So, forever.)

They’re the original contouring experts but if you’re like me… you’re a little lost on how you can get that look but toned down for every day boringness.

I mean, I want to look pretty but I’m not putting on a 3 hour show every night so I don’t need the extensive process they use!

For the past few years I’ve experimented with EVERYTHING.  I’ve watched a bajillion YouTube video tutorials (bajillion is a totally acceptable unit of measurement by the way).

I finally came up with my own way to contour that was good!  It worked, it looked the way I wanted, it cost me an arm, a leg, and my first born child.

Classic contouring includes a handful of products that you NEED and if you skimp out on them, you’ll end up looking flat and cakey.

*deep breath*

Here’s my original routine:

Starting with a clean face, I’d lay down a primer like Urban Decay All-Nighter.

Then, I’d apply one liquid foundation color all over my face.  I’d apply concealer (which works as highlighter) in all the correct areas.  Then bronzer to all the contour areas.  Blend those!  Blush on the apples of my cheeks then illuminator on my cheekbones, cupid’s bow, nose, chin, and anywhere I wanted a little extra glow.  Set with a powder or setting spray and FINALLY be done.

In case you’re counting, yeah – that’s 7 separate products.  Well over $200.  (It hurts, ohhh it hurts.)

I had to admit to myself several things:  I’m not a professional makeup artist.  I’m not trying to do stage makeup or be a beauty guru.  I’m just a regular person that likes to play with makeup.

I’d RATHER play with fun stuff like eyeshadow and lip looks but here I am spending ALL my time just trying to figure my face out.  UGH.

I flew to Pinterest and searched “easy contouring”.  I read a few tutorials that were basically what I was doing already.  Bye felicia.  Over it.  Too much work and too much money.

My new makeup routine was born out of PURE LAZINESS.  #noshame

I found a random pin about Maskcara Beauty.  Their contouring method is JUST foundation.  In different colors according to what you’re using it for.  That’s it.  You put it in strategic spots on your face, then blend.  Primer is optional, I’ve found I don’t really need it.  It’s creme based so it moves with your face and doesn’t just settle into the creases.

I immediately bought my colors!  THEN I saw they have an artist program.  I waited until I tried the makeup before I committed to that adventure but since I’m writing an entire blog post about it you already KNOW!  I joined in, I drank the Koolaid, I’m SOLD.

Cold hard facts:  I already own a business.  Normal MLM’s make me feel icky – I don’t like pressuring people to buy things.  It’s just not my nature.  So you can rest assured that this is not a sales pitch.  I’m just happy af to have found something that works for me.  There’s no such thing as ONE product that works for EVERYONE.  Especially makeup – your skin is like your fingerprint – unique to you.  I wouldn’t have joined this endeavor if they didn’t have a return policy (some MLM’s don’t… WHAT THE HECK?)… you can return within 30 days!  That’s enough time to test it out and see how your skin does.  Also, Maskcara isn’t an MLM that started a beauty line.  It’s a beauty line that decided to go into MLM even though it was slated to sell in Urban Outfitters, Sephora, and other high end retailers.

Unexpected:  my skin feels SO SOFT with my makeup STILL ON.

Ironically, they don’t have mascara yet!  Which is totally fine because I have a favorite and I’m NEVER CHANGING.  (Which I have also said about foundation before… but seriously.  This mascara is the bomb – I’ll have a giveaway soon!)

Get this, if you order your 4 foundations to get that flawless, EASY face done in 5 min flat you get the palette case for free.  FAAAHHHHREEEEEE!  Gold + marble is obviously my favorite one.

Here’s some helpful contouring tips I’ve learned:

I found the image below on Pinterest so if you know the original source please leave me a comment!

This is your paint by number for contouring!  Which shape does your face most resemble?  Use that as your map.  Mine is rectangle.  Don’t be afraid to try different contouring shapes if you’re not sure.  Not sure if you’re oval or round?  Contour your face using the oval map, take a pic – then contour using the round map, take a pic.  Compare the two!  Send me a well lit selfie (by a window during the day is best)… and I’ll try to help.  I’m still learning myself but it’s sort of amazing how it turns out!

Map code:

Cream: highlight color
Brown: contour color
Pink: blush/cheek color

Illuminator is applied down the bridge of your nose, on the tops of your cheekbones, and at your cupid’s bow!  Or literally anywhere you want a little extra glow.  Currently, I get all of my contouring products in one place making my life at least 87% easier and 100% cheaper.  I wear white peach (highlight), walnut (contour), desert sunset (blush/cheek), and rose gold illuminator.

Make sure to enter artist #4366 and code 9026 to get a free quad compact to put them all in!  Need help?  I’m just an email away!  You can even text me your picks and I’ll do all the hard work for you.  Send me your info via the form at the bottom of this post!

Below is the foldable contour map – just right click and print or download and print!  It will print on a letter-size piece of paper, just cut along the outer edges and fold.

Find your face shape


Need help with a color match?!  Or just say hey – and what do you think about contouring???  “Impossible feat!” or “Hm, not as hard as I thought!”???


Can’t wait to see your new look!  Here’s mine from today (no filter, woohoo!) – I’m still perfecting my lines and blending but I feel kinda good for starting somewhere!:

the basic white girl












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