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October 6, 2017
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NARSissist Loaded Eyeshadow Palette Review + Swatches
October 14, 2017
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pixi beauty full review

pixi beauty full review

Let’s jump right in!

  1.  ALLLLL the mists:  sadly, my skin HATES mists.  Despite the fact that I’ve heard amazing things about all four of these, I just gazed at the beautiful packaging and moved on to the Double Cleanse.
  2. Double Cleanse:  AMAZEBALLS.  It took off my eye makeup in one swipe.  I wish there was a travel size because it’s a bit large to take on trips but I’m going to do it anyway I guess.
  3. Strobe & Sculpt/Strobe & Bronze:  These swatches well but did not blend well on my face.  If you’re a quick at contour I’m sure they’d be fine.  I’m not – so I’d pass on these palettes.
  4. ITSLIPTIME:  Impossible to apply evenly.  They need to adjust their formula for pan-based lip products.
  5. ITSEYETIME:  These were unbelievably pigmented!  This palette has earned a top spot I’m my eyeshadow rotation.  Smooth, blendable and buildable!
  6. Rose Oil Blend:  THIS IS THE WORST.  I waited to apply at night time (you can use AM or PM).  I laid in bed for about 2 whole minute before I had to get up and wash it off.  I have oily skin so putting MORE oil on it felt suffocating.
  7. Glow-y Powders:  These were not as pigmented as I like for highlight.  I want that GLOWWWW girl.  I’d pass on these.
  8. Peel & Polish: Whoah, this is so satisfying to use.  Many people say that it removes dead skin.  It actually doesn’t – the formulation is made to collect oils, dirt, and bacteria into little balls.  It’s not your skin coming off.  I literally want to use this every day!
  9. Brow Powder Palette:  This is essentially cheaply made eyeshadow.  The brush was WAY too soft to be effective when applying this to my brows.  It took over 10 passes to use.  Pass!
  10. Quick Fix Powder:  Not only is this powder mattifying in the best way, but the applicator is FANTASTIC.  When you take the top off, there’s a sponge and the powder is delivered through the sponge so you don’t need TWO products (sponge & powder) anymore.  YASSSS.
  11. Glow Tonic:  This lived up to the hype!  It’s gentle enough to use twice a day and my skin is noticeably brighter.
  12. Glow Peel Pads:  PASS.  You have to wash this off?? Why would I want an easy-to-use product already applied in a pad form and then have to wash it of???
  13. Flawless Finishing Powder:  LOVED this but will prefer to use the Quick Fix Powder.  The formulation appears to be exactly the same but with the Quick Fix Powder I don’t need to hunt around for a sponge or brush.
  14. Flawless & Poreless: This appears to be clay-based and for oily skin like mine, it’s perfect as a primer!  I can’t even tell it’s on my skin.
  15. Glow Tonic To Go:  These will be a staple on my night stand for the rest of my life.  I love the fresh clean feeling (remember how good Noxema pads used to feel?)… and sometimes I forget to tone before bed.  Never again!
  16. NOT PICTURED because it’s in my shower as a permanent fixture Glow Mud Cleanser:  I was spending nearly three times as much on Dermatologica clay cleanser and this is literally the same.  SO excited to save money and have my skin be happy as well!

You can grab Pixi products at Target or online.

Do you have a favorite Pixi product?  Or one you’d pass on?

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