5 Tips for Buying & Selling at Plato’s Closet

After leaving my corporate job to start Ink Road, I keep myself on a VERY tight clothing budget.  It’s definitely a perk to work in my pajamas, but when I do need new clothes I head to Plato’s Closetfirst. Search here for one near you.  I worked at a Plato’s location in my early 20s, and never came home with a paycheck!…

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5 Minute Tan At Home

5 Minute Tan At Home!

This blog post began years ago, in a tanning bed, wondering when skin cancer would finally come for me.  I love tricking my brain into thinking I’m tanning on a beach somewhere and the money I’ve spent trying to achieve that sunkissed look could’ve taken me to several real beaches, I’m sure. If you check out Say Hello To Sexy…

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