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    1.  This stylish lightning cable for your iPhone (it’s super long so you don’t have to hang over the arm of the couch to finish Trivia Crack while it charges):

    2.  These glasses that would totally survive that 4th glass stumble fairy.  (Just, mind the furniture.)

    3.  These paper clips that will take your resume places too fancy for regular paper clips.

    4.  This wet brush that works LITERAL MAGIC on your after-shower tangles.

    5.  The perfect rose gold nail polish.

    6.  This geometric lamp that sets the perfect mood for Netflix & chill with … your dogs (hey, don’t hate):

    7.  And, of course, the most rose gold (and shockingly affordable) way to get your draaaank on:

    If you could hit “buy now” on ONE of these rose gold goodies, which would it be???

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